Whether In...

pain or in joy it will flow Men!! Embrace it because you can't remove it! Reminded of this well when my daughter took her life!! ;-(
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2 Responses Jul 29, 2013

There is nothing wrong with a man that can share his deepest feelings. Last Thursday night while at my group session with other vets suffering from PTSD my voice was trembling when I talked about my only friend I had in 40 years. I did not cry but the other vets knew I wanted to and knew my feelings. I cry for my friend in both sadness and in happiness and I try to remember to talk to him everyday.

I'm so sorry for your lost.. Honestly.. I know about losing someone and it's good to show your emotions through and through.. Even when it's for being sad or glad...In my opinion; it shouldn't matter what gender to shed tears for anything or anyone..Like you stated "EMBRACE IT'" the falling river of tears gracefully..