I started competing in triathlons five years ago as a complete novice to the disciplines of swimming and cycling Having always been a decent runner I had to work hard to get the other two elements of triathlon up to speed. With a full-time job, it was always tricky to fit training sessions in so I began cycling to work, 11 miles each way, and decided to make cycling my top priority.

Someone recommended plyometric training to me to help me improve my cycling. I had my targets the London to Paris cycle ride as well as a 120-mile through-the-night race.

I started plyometric training in the park and the results were pretty much immediate. As I had a good base fitness level I was able to really hit the ground running.

Now, while most people would look at standing jumps as being a little tame, believe you me they work! Medicine ball throws, tuck jumps and drop jumps all hurt but they worked, and the overall result was the fact that I was always in the top group of the L2P race, and I completed the 120 miles (130 as I actually got lost) in seven hours. I can cycle fasterfor less effort and became a lot more powerful climbing hills.

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31-35, M
Sep 29, 2013