Giving Bugs The Elbow

Want to avoid catching colds this winter? Then try keeping your hands to yourselves, recommends Dr Nathan Wolfe, a virus expert at Stanford University, California.

Dr Wolfe believes that trying to avoid contact with others could reduce the spread of infectious diseases. He also goes on to suggest we should use a ��safe shake' which avoids hand-to-hand contact.

"We should advocate a safe shake by touching elbows rather than hands," says Dr Wolfe. "Certainly this would help to decrease the spread of some infectious agents in the same way that sneezing into an elbow, rather than a hand, does."

But is this all really necessary?

Ben Killingley, an infectious disease specialist at Nottingham University, believes not, and states that as long as people wash their hands at regular intervals, then there shouldn't be a need for such drastic action.

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Sep 29, 2013