You have always been there for me and helped me through the hard times, and entertained me with sharing the good times, and been good friends. When I need someone to talk to you are always there. Since today's friendship day on experience project I needed to share how you have all caused me to become a better person, and have a more positive attitude, and be a happier person in general. I am never in a place where I feel alone in the world or to where there is no one who understands or relates. I have met so many fantastic people on here...while it is true that everyone on experience project is not a great person, the majority of people here have good hearts, are funny, and understand, I fell a real sense of family and community on here. This place is my refuge and my playground, my safe place and my fun place, a place of learning and a place of sharing, a place of openness and honesty, a place where everyone can be themselves. I am writing to thank everyone of my friends and those who have been kind to me on here for your kind gestures, kind words, inspiring words, and just for being here to share your personalities and also so I can give my own caring and kindness freely and feel safe doing so and to know that it is appreciated. There is more love and happiness for me all around because of you all! :)
SummerWind18 SummerWind18
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2 Responses Aug 3, 2010

You to my friend!! sound soooo!!! beautiful, kind and fair to everyone you interact with! :-) So i think you deserve a "tribute" yourself!!!! <br />
thank you!!! for sharing this!!! :-)

You bring JOIE and light to the EP too.<br />
We love you too!<br />
Happy paw waves to you!<br />
Catwhiskers :)