A Message..

A message to all those I have been lucky enough to bond, getting to know and share my life here.

Even though I rarely speak to any of you these days, it does not mean that I dont care about you. I try to log on here every day still to check if any of my friend needs me. Things have been hectic and I have neglected EP but still if any of you need me I am still here. I wanted to take this time to thank you all who have been there for me when I needed you but i feel now I am doing a **** job being there for you, no wait I know I am doing a **** job. I hwish I could do better but school's taking its tool on me and its really hard to cope up with everything. But still amidst everything i still want you to know that you are not alone and whenever you feel so, you can always send me a PM, i will respond to it as soon as possible. Somedays when its bad I just log on here and even seeing a small Hi from you makes my day, it feels like someone out there cares. Its been 2 years or will be in 4 days to be precise, since I have been on ep and you guys are some of the most wonderful people I have met in my life.

Just have one request, please stay that way! :)
Floydian Floydian
26-30, M
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Miss you 3.........<br />

Miss you too!

Miss you x