Despite The Football Thing

Even though Lucy has definitely pulled the football away from my foot a few times as I was about to kick it, and even though I have landed on my arse because of it, I still love this place and a great deal of the people who participate here.

I honestly choose to come here, it's not at all like I can't live without EP, but there are certain folks I have met here that I can honestly say I would be sad if I lost contact with them and there are those who are simply the reason all of us come back because they are just so awesome.

I do appreciate the friends I have made here, I appreciate every acquaintance I make as well because at any time that acquaintance can turn into a great friendship as has happened for many years on the internet for me now.

If I get too busy to tell you sometimes, I hope that when I do tell you all that you are awesome and I am grateful to all of you, that it's received with the sincerity it was sent out with.

Thanks guys,
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Dec 6, 2010