Kitsnicket & Llsdream

I have some really good ep friends. I made 1 friend form asking the question "what do you want" he said "a friend" I remember thinking to myself, that I can do. since then we have been friends he is a very sweet and honest person. I could talk all day about this guy is such a great person but it's not until you talk to him yourself and see what he's like then you will see what I mean his name is kitsnicket. He is a great guy and I'm honored to call him my friend. the other is a lady that's very down to earth she is honest and will tell you like it is. I'm some what drawn to her personality because in life she's somewhat similar to me. Her name is LLsDream and I'm also honored to call her my friend. But that's what's great about this website is that you can meet people like them.

Thank you Kitsnicket & LLsDream.
TheRascallyOne TheRascallyOne
22-25, M
Feb 26, 2012