When My Ex Boyfriend Kidnapped Me:'(

well I was coming home from school flirting with boys and when I was at home as usually no one was there I thought. I went to my room and sat on my bed before anything happened my ex boyfriend jumped on me and pinned me down. and said"come with me sweets" I screamed"NEVER WITH YOU" "well now you are" he set down my phone and carried me to his car "I can walk you know"I said "well you will escape and you are MINE not just girlfriend"he said he put me in the backseat and said "once we are there you have to stay behind me because you CAN NOT GET AWAY OR ELSE "how can this happen" I said "because I am smarter than you" he said than we pulled in the driveway he came up with STUPIED rules than we went inside he pulled me in his basementdungeon found a cell and said "this is yours"I hissed "I was gonna let you hang with my buds but not now"he threw me in and locked it "later it will get fun bye" I crossed my arms he almost left than he said:wow I guess cartoons are right the man wins (laughing) after a while he came back with a mop and some water CLEAN he demanded I cleaned he hung out than I cooked he watched tv "I am NOT cinderella I said "but your my princess he said" he picked me up put me in the bathroom and locked the door "LET ME OUT" I said "over my dead body" he said and walked away in the morning he took a shower with me:-O I went in my cell and cleaned there Jared my ex was on the floor blood dripping with a gunshot my other ex was there he grabbed me and put me in his truck. boy was I lucky when my current boyfriend opened the truck and saved me I am not a princess but this is a 13and up fairytale thx for listening hope you like it have a wonderful daynight bye;-)
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Wait why are you flirting if u have a bf?