In Case Of Power Outage...

I am one of those people who uses a million antique things per day (And some things that have been made the same since time in-memorium) but I have a particular liking for old lamps and stoves. Something about the design, the functionality, and the miraculous thing that these things were made before electricity! Looking around I have several old fashioned oil lamps including 2 Dietz lanterns (Junior and a Monarch), one dead flame oil lamp, and my favorite (although it is expensive to run and a pain to get parts for in my area), the Aladdin Model 12 (picked up from an antique store yay!). Also have a Trangia portable stove for hiking/camping which is new although the designs haven't changed in nearly 100 years. The lamps though are useful in the event of a power outage as I can get Kerosene to run them with from the gas station down the street or I can get lamp oil at a local store. I remember durring Sandy I took the Aladdin out of the basement and set it up in my room where the electric lamp normally is on my dresser and it lit up the room fine! My friend actually came over and thought we still had power because he saw the lamp burning in my room (Aladdin's are pretty bright). Meanwhile we were using the trangia in the garage to make coffee and food (ran it on fuel line deicer). I guess sometimes it pays to have old fashioned stuff. The next thing I am trying to find is an old fashioned Rayo lamp (like i said I love the aladdin but it is expensive to run) to put on my nightstand for those just in case scenarios. One thing to note is I do not use this stuff every day rather only when needed due to outdoor events or emergencies. Some of these items such as the Aladdin are nearly 100 years old and still work as well as they did when they were new. I often wonder if the tech we have today will be like that in 100 years.
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Jan 15, 2013