There Aren't That Many Out There

it is so rare today to find a person that will sit and truly listen to what is being said. i have friends that say i can talk to them about what is bothering me. well, when i go to bear my soul they cut me off or worse yet they roll their eyes. yes, my problems may be small to them, but it really matters to me to have a genuine friend that will take some time to hear me out. the other thing is, if they listen do the truly get what im talking about? do they really understand me? i'm not so sure anymore. everybody seems to be wrapped up in their own situation. i do understand that. we all have issues that we think are more important than the other guys. when a friend talks to me i look them in the eye so they know they have my attention. i also never interrupt them. when they are done speaking i offer what advice i have. i try to comfort them. all it takes is a few minutes to truly listen.
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3 Responses Mar 22, 2011

please add me, I am a good listener and usually give good advice

i just love this post! i feel exactly the same. i've often had them turn while i was in mid-sentence and begin a conversation with someone else!! what's up with that? i can't imagine doing such. this is the reason i appreciate my friends here so much. for me, they are the real friends.

Such depth...i am dumb! beautiful!!! .........:)