A Very Underrated And Unappreciated Trait

I believe perceptivity is fundamental not only for survival but it is essentially what makes a person a thoughtful and/or interesting person. In society, perceptiveness is not generally appreciated or encouraged outside of an academic or work-related environment (and even then not so much). It is unfortunate because people who are perceptive can understand, question, and see things from many different perspectives that others might not of thought about or looked into with much thought. It really is sad that media outlets and the social conditionings of society has promoted ignorance and blind faith where we are constantly bombarded with garbage and imageries that stumps mental capabilities and growth enough where many do not question or think deeply about life. This in my opinion ties back to the lack of perceptiveness in the minds of many people as they just take in and absorb what the environment throws at them without questioning it's intent or meaning.
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2 Responses Nov 29, 2012

Oops. That was 'your' at the end.

Yes! this response is underrated too!

I completely understand, like, gosh. The media only glorifies the face value of things, and only the surface of the meaning of life. To them, physical beauty and riches are the only thing that matters. If you are beautiful, healthy, rich and nice, everyone would desire you, and always want to be around you!

To be honest, from this image being portrayed, I feel insecure and inadequate all the time. Like nobody will ever befriend me as a true companion, or I'll never find a husband who can fully understand me, and appreciate different views and perceptions from different people, and can even successfully learn from them

Please message me. I love you insight-fulness :)