What A Picture,a Wonderful Memory.

I always write my stories based around the way I am feeling at the time and do not delete them later as they represent a true reflection of who I am and how my thought pattern is at a given time.Pictures however do not capture the same glimpse into a persons feelings at the time of taking them,however they certainly are a marvelous tool for capturing a memory for the person who is the subject of the picture and also they are an everlasting reflection of times past.
I have many old photographs of family and friends,some of loved ones who have sadly departed,others of extremely happy experiences of life.What a wonderful gift to mankind,the ability to capture a moment in time.I often look at old photographs of people who I have never known,taken many decades ago and study them taking in every detail and trying to read into the photograph what might have been.
garvan garvan
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1 Response Aug 10, 2010

I sometimes look 2 deep into a photo, almost hoping to see something unique;positive.