An Unexpected Good Deed

I was in Toyworld buying Chess games for my class. I bought three large wooden sets with wooden pieces (so they won't break if the children step on them} and a similar game of Draughts.

I walk with a walking stick or crutches due to a severe back problem as well as severe arthritis in my knees and it was quite a job for me to get these games to the counter to pay for them.  The shop assistant wanted to know if I wanted her to put all the games in one big bag as they were quite large and heavy.  I said yes, because I had to manage it with one hand and use the walking stick with the other.

Just then a young lady came up and offered to carry the bag to the car for me.  I was so grateful.  This kind act was going to save me a lot of pain in my knees and back from having to carry something heavy.

But then another person, a tall man came up and also offered to carry the bag!  So we both let him with a good deal of appreciation.  

I am deeply moved to think that random strangers noticed my difficulty and stepped in to help and it made a big difference to me.
perseverer perseverer
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1 Response Jan 18, 2013

I am so pleased to read this heartwarming story, perseverer, and to know that You are being looked after.

Given the way You radiate beauty and Love, it is no surprise to me that random strangers should offer to help You.

Thank you for your characteristically kind comment, Dex.