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Yeah, We're Old.... Shut Up!

You young whippersnappers could learn a thing or 99 from us old pros. Your day is coming, wait and see. And let me just warn you: You'll never be prepared for the first time you sneeze and tinkle a bit in your drawers .
( checks underwares )
Kathieredart Kathieredart 56-60, F 10 Responses Oct 10, 2012

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uh, oh. You made me laugh. Now there's something I better wipe up.


It's good to see you !!!

Likewise Kathie.

*Saying nothing* Lest she incriminates herself, ahem, *cough*

You are NOT old enough to go thru this !!! Who are you trying to kid???

You wouldn't want to be sitting next to me when I get a chest infection!!!!

my problem is the sneeze and toot....haha

happy to stop by

I know THAT one well !!!! ( acHOOOO.... Phurrrrrrt ) Ooops, excuse me .....

lol...then you have to reach back and check....make sure it was just a noise and not something else

LOL...How true...thanks for sharing

Thanks for stopping by and saying hello !!!

that's right. getting old is the only game in town

There's not much we can do about aging but to bless it. I like to think I'm wiser. ;-)

You tell 'em, Kathieredart!!!!

haha..... Thanks for stopping by Calla..... Have some tea?

yes... my wife hade that problem. sergery helped.


I have no idea what you're talking about....because I'm so VERY FAR AWAY from being a senior....but I do appreciate you....even your funky drawers. ( But not in a fetish kind of way, FYI )

Oh, so NOW you change your tune!!!! ;-)

Oh's "I'm in denial" month here! And I WON'T be sharing my story..."All the places you'll go grey"...either! ;)

LMflatAO .... Now THAT was funny Pal! Hahahahahaha .......

Yeah! Young pipsqueak tadpoles better stay clear from moi! it would be funny to say i'll "tinckle" on 'em,but honestly they'll feel the wrathful end of my cane! Grey Pantherts rock....only a tad slower....

I'm quite fond of you, old geezer .....