Sophistication Is When:

you carry yourself in life with confidence but not cockiness-
you get dressed appropriately, even if you are just going to the store-
you use your life experiences to lift you up, but not to put others down-
you learn something new every day-
you use your education to educate others, in some way, shape, or form-
you always look your best, no matter your size or shape-
you challenge yourself in life, even though you don't have to-
you love the company of others, but relish time alone-

and more personally...
wear heels even though I am 5'10
get gussied up to go to the movies.... alone
love discussing things that have no answer
ponder the meaning of life, even if there isn't one
wonder if I am wasting my life with someone who doesn't even begin to understand my sophistication.
hedoesntgetmeinct hedoesntgetmeinct
36-40, F
2 Responses Jul 30, 2010

You too. Have a good sleep at least!

Thank you. I actually said to him a few months ago, "I don't think you even begin to understand how beautiful I am." His reply was, "Oh really?" That was it. It's almost like I can feel my soul slipping away.