I'm in no way sophisticated

I think women like Audrey Hepburn were amazing and so classy. She was worldly and had a good head on her shoulders, always. She knew several different languages, had experiences most can only dream of, went all over the world and was always poised.
A sophisticated women isn't just about being finely experienced to me though, it is also about character. It can be argued that a woman who is worldly and experienced would have, of course, developed character. That may be true but I simply wanted to point out that character is the most important part of being sophisticated. Not sophisticated as in snobbery and smugness. But the better meaning of the word.
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I have taken farm girls and turned them into "ladies". The process is not as difficult as you imagine.

It is merely a process of emulation and accepting you ARE that woman, just lack knowledge, training and practice.

I don't really think I want to be a lady

You act like if you wear a dress, you can never take it off.

No, I love looking feminine. I love feeling feminine. Femininity is different from sophistication.
I woud rather drink straight from the bottle than take a shot from a glass, I would rather be raunchy than demure and I would rather not try to be someone I'm not

stay away from those acting classes, by all means. lol

I assure you, I intend to haha

ffor me it is sad to see a person decide OK only one choice here. I actually am old enough to have met Audrey and she was very charming, but there were times she was not that movie image you imagine.

That you are lazy or maybe or real is comfortable with your habits, does not mean you only have to do/be one thing.

Ever dress up for Halloween?

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Recognition of what true sophistication consists of and results in is the first step on the road to sophistication for yourself, I'd say!

I doubt I shall ever be sophisticated myself, but I will always be attracted to women who are

That attraction is the sophisticated women within you vibrating to herself outside you in that other woman.