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Prolific, which I hope to be, and relatively consistent, which I also hope to be. I admire his style, his common themes, his amazing characterisation. I feel like I have lived in parts of Maine and spent a lot of time in Castle Rock.

I wondered if the last book of the Dark Tower series would open a portal and drag me into the fantastic realms of his creation…but I sort of expect the same thing from LOST.

Anyway, I appreciate Stephen King and his body of work, I will likely re-read many.



What is it with people who go on about reading and bad taste? I know what I enjoy, it's not a matter of external factors designating a 'taste' for me, it’s about what hits me in the face as worth my time. Keep your taste, I'll read what I like.

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1 Response Jul 5, 2007

Yeah I don't get that either. And I love Stephen King. I have a wall of King. He is amazing...