'The Long Walk' Made My Legs Sore.

The long walk... **** that's a sad story. Read this and note the date it was written, he pre-empted reality shows. This is pretty wicked, 18 year old boys walking non-stop 4miles an hour across America under army supervision, shot if they fall under the required speed. You sped the first part of the walk getting into the characters, their motivations for the walk, you really like some of them. But you know, only one boy will finish the walk, all but one must fall before the end.

I cried, yup, it really got to me, Say what you will about Stephen King and taste, he creates characters I can always believe in. Has anyone else read the long walk? It's written under the pen-name of Richard Bachman, I recommend getting this with 'the Bachman books' which also has a great story he wrote young about a boy in a classroom with a gun that shoots his teacher. A very hard to swallow tale of rebellion with more great characters. Richard Bachman is the part of Stephen King that savors the sadistic.

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Wow you guys really know how to breakdown and explain his writing.

The book is 'The Regulators', I also enjoyed the tie-in characters, the police man repeated, the children that are suddenly the parents and vice-versa. The premise that the boy has created the barrier cutting off a random suburban street, and suddenly everyone is under attack from monsters that come from a child's imagination along with big colorful cartoon vans with amazing ammunition- really grim stuff, not as religious or positive in the end as Desperation.

Never read the long walk, though I've read some summaries of it; I do like his bachman books as well, and it was kind of creepy when he transposed Desperation and...whatever the Bachman equivalent was, can't recall the title off the top of my head, but that was odd yet creepy yet compelling (in that this character in this version does this, but yet in that one he does that instead).