I Am Humbled

As I travel through life, I am constantly amazed at the great beauty God has created.

From the intricacy of a spiders’ web, glistening in the morning dew, to the powerful waves of the ocean as they crash heavily onto the shore. 

From the majestic snow capped mountains, to a single blade of grass.

From a delicate rose to the fantastic human body itself.

From a mighty redwood to a humble dandelion.

From a great whales to a insignificant little lady-bug.


Look to the sky and see the clouds.  High and mighty they stand; soft and silently they go by.  Always changing, always moving and always beautiful.

Look to the meadows.  Green and lush in the spring, yet dry and brown come fall. Yet, in both life and death, they are beautiful. Look to the forests and see the trees.  See how silent and proud they stand; each adorned in a multiple of colors, each one unique and each so beautiful.  Look to the h eavens and see the stars.  See the cloud of gas, the suns, the planets. Even though they are so far away, when we see them, how can we help but see their beauty? Look to your own body.  Each one is unique and yet they are all the same.  How much artwork, sculptures and photos do we bestow to this frail form. 


As I behold the beauty of His creation, I cannot help but to praise and Him.  I cannot help but fall to my knees and humbly thank Him; thank Him that He allowed me to be part of His great creation.

Shuhak Shuhak
51-55, M
5 Responses Jan 18, 2010

I still can't understand why you're single.... Anyway, His peace radiates from within you with great abundance.

Nature is my meditation. Very calming, serene, joyful and beautiful :) I thank the Lord for His beautiful creation too :)


It is awesome, isn’t it!

No matter where I go outside, the natural world has so much beauty, it feels very calming. Nature takes me out of the struggles of everyday life. I am very thank you how god made the world so complex intricate, and beautiful. .