For Sierra's Hubs

I just wanted to write this to thank Sierra and her Hubs for giving us a glimpse into the life and love they share.

  Those that know Sierra knows what a bubbly smart bright friend she is and how madly she adores her husband. And how special she is to all of us.

  But this is for her Hubs...... a man of few words but lots of wisdom. And one who has no problem speaking his mind and sharing his complete adoration and love of the woman he married. You stand out as a true inspiration to those of us either in a not so great marriage or those looking and hoping to find someone special to share our lives with. Your warmth, protectiveness and your humor shines brightly in everything you both share.
   When I mentioned writing this you told me you didn't need recognition, but I disagree with that. More folks need to spend time reading both yours and Sie's stories and comments. Maybe we would all benefit from them.

Thanks for allowing me to share a part of your life and I hope to still be a part of it many years from now.
As Sie always says..........You Guys ROCK!!!!!!
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Thank you jacee1960--<br />
This is most kind of you and very appreciated. <br />
I greatly enjoy the warmth and kindness Sie and I are both shown by yourself and others within this circle.<br />
Thank you--<br />
for allowing us to exchange with a person of such integrity and charm as yourself.<br />
<br />
Thank you as well--<br />
to those who left kind remarks.<br />
I do so enjoy reading your always delightful and insightful comments to Sie and myself.

Awww....Yup....what he said.... ;)

I mostly talk to Sierra but I love this couple so yes, I agree they are a great example.

Beautifully written.................and couldn't agree more!

Awesome story and so true about Mr. Hubs and Sie

Well written Jacee! I agree whole heartedly!

Bravo Jacee! Giving credit where credit is due....I like that. I completely agree. Sie and her hubs really are an inspiration. No doubt about that! So many of us benefit from their stories. I've read some things on Hubs profile. His "Read this before you add me" story is straight to the point and full of respect and adoration for his Mrs. They're a beautiful couple and they really do give me hope.

I agree D. Gives us hope!

Awwww jacee.....This is soooo sweet....*sniffles* He probably won't see it till Monday morning....*he's sleeping like a rock right now!* but I know it'll totally touch his heart when he does..... ♥ But ya gotta know.....we can only share and be buddies with folks who accept and care and you're one of the most AWESOME folks anywhere in sharing all your thoughtful words and TOTAL sweetness with both of us....Thank you for being YOU.... and caring like only a god and real friend can....We BOTH love ya right to bits... ♥<br />
<br />
Wouldn't it be soooo cool if we end up being little old folks still here talkin about the good ole days years and years from now?