Blessed Be Always

There are a lot of groups about kindness. I've written something on it a while back... and well, the magic of a kind human being could always make one's heart explode with utter joy and gratitude.

We had a blizzard yesterday, a whole day of snow storm that brought about 6-10 inches of snow. The blizzard itself isn't as horrible... in fact, it looked really pretty... hazy snowy wind... except when you are walking outside and you can hardly see anything... wondering where your vehicle is in the parking lot because everywhere is simply blown snow drifts... let alone drive even!
I missed yoga this morning because I couldn't get out of my garage. The snow piled more in my driveway for some preternatural reason by the Universe... and right in the middle, a hill of snow sat across the width of my driveway, like a monolithic road bump. The snow drift was way, way higher than my tires. It was even a struggle to get out my front door.
*Reminded faerie of the Canadian Tire commercial for Mary P* (follow the link for fun!)
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Faerie needed to shovel... ... with a hockey stick? x p

So while I was trying to think of ways not to have sore muscles  after I shovel... stretching myself here and there, getting ready... I heard a snow blower loud enough to hear from inside my house *ding*... and I looked out the window.

Lo and behold! A very tall man dressed in his snow gear was walking up and down my driveway with his snowblower clearing the snow hill that sat there. I couldn't recognize who he was. It's friggin -30 and all I could see was his eyes. I hurriedly put on my coat and tuque and boots and ran outside.

His first words, as he turned off his snowblower... "Good morning! Is it okay I clear your driveway? You have snow as high as this (as he level his hand somewhere in the air)."

Seriously, faerie could have jumped all over him and we could be rolling on the snow hill giggling.

Turned out he was my next door neighbour. I couldn't even remember his name. But all I could say in my most gleeful faerie voice... "You are an angel!!!" And thanked him tremendously. Oh yeah... I couldn't stop shaking his hand.

He is still a stranger and a neighbour... but his heart, as well as the other people who seem to always pop in faerie's life... coming to my aid when it seems I am stuck, snow or otherwise... ... they don't even know me. They only see what they see in my oddest predicament. Perhaps my face shows a terrified troubled face... or my wild reactions are so catchy enough to hold significance. Perhaps a faerie damsel in distress... or perhaps this small creature hidden in a massive burden... ... whatever they see... may the Universe bless their precious hearts. Always.

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A very nice story to share, thank you so much!!! Its really very heartening to know that in these times of selfishness such acts of selflessness are also there!

You are so right to point out that God sends help through his Creation, doesn't come Himself in person!

Hope such incidents of selflessness become more and more common!!

great GOD seems to be sending ppl to be of help to you you must have good karma lol happy for you vinny

wow, thats beautiful! i love these random acts of kindness

That's nice:-) but doesn't it come with responsibility / expectation aftawards, yho esp in that close range of a neighbour...I don't talk much with my neighbours, and am mostly ok with their help...partly bcoz I don't know any better, and also bcoz of harsh history lessons, bcoz by the time u can check whether someone means well or not, its 50/50 and in many instances - thanx to horrid media reports - when you become a victim in such situations, u deemed the worst full ever!
There's always an excuse hey I guess...we are humans afta all...however the one that chooses to be good, kind, with love is and will be rewarded.
#i wish I can know when to be, do and receive good

The world is truly a small place and more and more I have been seeing examples of what goes around, comes around- kindness matters- not only for when you need it, but also for when you don't. Sort of like integrity- it is what a person does when no one is looking- that is what counts- and there are a lot of truly wonderful people out there, it is just allowing them to express their hope and goodness in their own glad someone was there in your time of need. :-) You clearly have a wonderful potential friend. :-)

"May the universe bless all the precious hearts" of those --when help is what is needed. Great for both of you. I loved this story.

I would be having anxieties about how I would get out if I had to. I'm so glad your neighbor cleared your driveway. Somehow I can picture you jumping on him.

What a really tender story, faerie ...... good things happen to good people too .... :o))))

Awww... that's sweet... thank you, Laffs!
Maybe I really look sooo pathetic... pathetically good. x p