I have met some kind hearts on here. I am so happy to be able to write this phrase. They try their best and not everyone can understand and it isn't whether they made me feel good or said the right thing, its their intention to do so that counts. I also feel strange writing this from My perspective, I have seen life as what can I offer, always trying to anticipate needs, please and help as much. I like to think it is for the other person God, I fear it might be for myself but they have let me just talk with nothing in return. I wish I could tag them on here but they know who they are. I don't know if they are strangers, they are souls. I hope they all get some beautiful things back to them, they have no idea. There is a book that we had as a child, which is again strange to write, The book said "little match girl" I didn't think I would grow up into watching everyone else live. When I read on here other people's stories about the friendships they found on here, I can't say I expected to write the same. On my first EP posting someone said he didn't doubt I would find friends, that blew my mind, and I had hope to, I don't know why. Hope has hurt me a lot, its when I don't I'm happily surprised.
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Thank you dear heart for everything uv shared with the community and especially with me. Ur a wonderful person and will always have my love respect and admiration.