It Was Raining

I was taking both my young girls out shopping. I decided my eldest was old enough to walk beside me and the baby in the stroller. She did well enough at first. Then she got a wild hair and took off by herself sprinting. I started screaming her name and she just appeared around corner saying, "Whaaat?"

I was flustered by the time we checked out and she was low on her attention span. We walked out and I saw it was still raining. I turned back around and told her we were going to get an umbrella. A woman stopped and said, "You need an umbrella?"

I didn't think anything of it and said, "Oh yeah, we're just going to go buy one." Then I turned back around.

She said, "Here have mine." We went back and forth for a little bit. I couldn't take her umbrella and I needed to buy one anyway. She then said that it was a cheap one and assured me it worked even though it wasn't all to great. Then she said that I wouldn't have to buy one. I felt bad that she was going to walk out in the rain and just couldn't. So I asked her if she was sure about it...

She told me happy holidays as she handed it to me. I said thank you in a very surprised tone. Then I told my daughter that it was really nice. She looked up at me confused and kind of wandered off with the umbrella. So there was a toddler meandering in different directions chasing puddles with me chasing after her. Ha ha! But still, the nice gesture made my day.

Tekkamaki Tekkamaki
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Sweet! You get cookies! I hope I send out good vibes! OK...I'm going to squeeze my eyes and concentrate really hard...anything happen? If not, wait a few days! It's the holidays and I believe in all that magical stuff. : D<br />
<br /> I squeezed my eyes shut and I saw mahjong pieces like when you play tetris too long. I think I've been playing that too much lately!

Lilt, ha...sometimes I don't think she's paying attention but I love sharing things with her like that. Maybe she is but she doesn't say anything?<br />
<br />
Maisie, that's a good point! I thought she wasn't going to let up but I really wanted to let her know that I wasn't about to just up and let her walk out in the rain either. I mean, I could still buy one but I thought her giving hers up was such a kind gesture that I couldn't say no. <br />
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Arsineh, thank you for reading! It is quite contagious when you are treated with kindness that you want to treat someone else with kindness to share the warm feelings. <br />
<br />
LOL! HappySailor, sure I think it's an umbrella that brings some good karma with it. And it's so compact that I think it's easy to pass around to the next person!<br />
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Aww Carrot! You showing up always makes me smile!

I like what you said, Maisie. Synchronicity.<br />
I don't believe in accidents either. It's about being open to the people and experiences around you. Sometimes it's as simple as a smile. Or holding a door open. <br />
I'm quite sure Tekka and her lovely family were giving off the good vibes.

Can I have the umbrella???<br />
<br />
It's 80 and sunny here right now, but I think it might rain next week....<br />
<br />
;o)P*<br />
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(sweet story)

I enjoyed reading your story. It made me smile. It's amazing how reading a story like this or being on the receiving end of a kind gesture inspires us to do something thoughtful for others.

Fantastic. I'm glad you took the time to acknowledge the gesture with your daughter.