What Kind Of Person Isn't?

It's almost inconceivable not to be grateful for any kindness from strangers. 

It seems logical to see the own group's interest first.  Kindness from a member of another group is not a priori to be expected.  There's no right, nor is there an obligation. 

So, when it happens, this extra little step, it's always a most delicate gift. 

For travellers it often belongs to their dearest memories.

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chipperchick, thank you for another great comment!

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thank you, for another great story...<br />
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I wake up every day, with the intentions of putting as many smiles, on others faces as possible...I smile at strangers on the bus, in an elevator..Sometimes, they look at me, as if I were strange..but, more often, than not, I think i might be the only smile,that the person, might have had, in a long, time, and, when they smile back,i feel doubly, happy...<br />
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Of course, i invite the attention, and the laughs..I have purple striped hair, and wear high topped, patent leather kelly green combat boots...<br />
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Bet that put a smile on your face,now, didn;'t it....?<br />
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chipperchick, says it's all so true...

thanks, Hussey, the world is populated by strangers, so what without gratitude every now and then?

That's exactly how I think as well. It just blows my mind how some people can't be grateful for a stranger's kindness.