The Moment I Saw You

the moment the girl first heard the boys voice she fell in love with the boys voice
the moment the girl first smelled the boys hair she fell in love with its scent
the moment the girl first held the boys hand she fell in love with its warmth
And when the boy first saw the girl he fell in love with her to
Just as unexplainable as the sky , earth and sea....
And even life itself...
The boy and the girl thus fell in love.
Their love was like the sky.. the earth.. the sea... and life..
but then one day they imagined that they are going to be together but then
summer break vacation they traveled and unexpected storm and the boy loved the girl so much
and he said his last word for the girl " I love you" and then the boy saved the girl the boy died and the girl survied
and then after that the girl is already 14 years old and the accident happened in her birth day 14 years old and she said to her self
" if a heart could be a hour glass that you could freeze in a certain point of time i would have frozen mine when i was thirteen "
and she said that with over flowing tears and then when she went home she slept at her bed while crying and she saw a paper
under her pillow and it is the writting of her boyfriend and said "don't cry" and that's what give her a  last thing to treasure. 
        please comment if you have a story that i should make 
                            thank you!!
  ~Willianne Chantelle Cristal Chee~
Williannechantellechee13 Williannechantellechee13
13-15, F
May 15, 2012