Lost Soul

I lost my best friends before matric got kicking. One girl in particular who was a foreign gierl with an accent became my best friend and I loved her so. But as she got into proper high school, when she chose her subjects . . . she chose drama, which is the most challenging of them all. She became occupied, overworked and relied on friends in her class. Above all that, because we could not find the time to hang out or talk much, she eventually frifted away from me. I discovered this when she stopped noticing me completely! Its was not just me she drifted from, but I had to make new friends, and because I lost her in all the fuss, she could not tell me why we stopped being friends. I cannot make a new best friend because she was so special ; she was like my other half ; a part of my heart. I could relate my life to hers and I got on well with her family. Now im better friends with her brothers. I miss her so much!
Jenoside Jenoside
18-21, F
May 22, 2012