Our Little Family Of Lizards

Sitting on my porch , at the beginning if the summer a blue tailed lizard ran past my feet, stopped looked at me , i said hi there and id swear hecsaid it back, well about 2 weeks later there are 2 that are playing in the bushes , really playing, one is the 1 st one, and looks like hes got a wife, they arent afraid of me or anyone in the family, well now they have little ones that run around and havent needed to spray for ants( didnt want to also incase it would hurt them) they are now one our sweetest joys just seeing them romp and feel safe enough doing it when we are out there watching,
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3 Responses Sep 10, 2012

What a sweet story :)

Nature is wonderful - man always ***** it up - not women of course lol!

Grin how cool! We have yard rabbits. They are so used to us I almost tripped on one the other day. Now when cat chases them they only run to the edge of the property as they have figured out he won't leave the back yard.

Love it