I Saw Something Totally Awesome This Morning And Really Really Special!!

It was like a moment right out of Dr. Seuss and Whoville, where the Grinch is standing on Mt. Krumpet after he swiped the Who's Christmas and he watches the lil Who-peeps gather around and just sing, cause even without all the "stuff" they were still happy......

I was dropping a package off to be mailed this morning and saw
this younger guy with major tattoos, shaved head, black eyeliner and a totally cool skull ring  on his index finger helping the cutest little blue haired lady out of a car and letting her hold his arm as he walked her into a local business....

She had  a little smile on her face and was hanging onto him just like she meant it.   He was all busy helping her walk...Sooo sweet.....

I swear if I could have gotten permission to take a picture of them I would have turned it into a BIG picture and framed it!!  It just warmed my heart and made me want to smile and hug them both.....Generations don't always collide....Sometimes they blend in the very sweetest ways......  They totally defined the Magic of the holiday season for me....

This is what life is about.....Finding those little moments that light up a life!!Those two made my whole holiday season and maybe even a lil part of my life and perspectives brighter and happier just cause they existed like that in that special moment and it impacted me.  I never said a word to them. They probably didn't even see or notice me....but still they reached out and touched me....How cool is that?
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Nothing makes ones day like seeing humans giving of themselves to help others.

It really does rock to see stuff like this.... :)

Wow that is why we should never never judge people by the way they look. What a great story to share! Thanks!

Yup, your so right....we just never know who the person is behind the stuff they wear. Thanks for stopping by!! :)

So sweet! Your story warmed my old heart! :-)

You don't have an "ole" heart!! Silly chickie...You're heart is kind, vibrant and full of laughter and love....that makes it AWESOMELY TIMELESS!! ♥ thanks...and hugs.... :)

Ok, elderly heart but full of joy! :-P

No...not elderly either....You got a 4-EVAH young heart pounding in that sweet lil birdie chest of yours....♥

I felt good reading it, put a smile on my face

Thanks!! :) Smiles are always good! :)

Paying forward in life is what we should all strive for.....makes you feel really good.....

Thanks ToJ....It really does....sometimes paying it forward is another sort of gift we give to ourselves as much as others..... :)

very cool . . . thank you sweetie for sharing that moment with us . . . yup . . . that's what it's all about . . . 8D

aww thanks mm... hugs :)

Yes, this sort of thing is really cute and heart-warming. I saw a tattooed and head shaved guy on the bus with the sweetest little terrier puppy sitting on his lap. He really should have had a Rottweiler or at least a German Shepherd ... it just looked very odd ... but it seemed he was showing his soft centre by having such a cute dog! People can be very surprising!

Awwww......How adorable.... The guy was probably a real cuddle bug with that pup too! ♥
Now I gotta tell ya.....One time hubs was taking our Cairn terrier, Charlie into the vets and some lady said she would never expect to see a guy like him walking around with a dog like that...Charlie looks a LOT like Toto from the Wizard of Oz. Hubs smiled and said thanks but he always feels his Yorkie suited him better....He said the poor lady had no idea what to say...she just sort of... smiled muttered something and scurried off. The Vet tech behind the desk nearly pop a blood vessel trying to hold the laughs in!! Hubs can be a very bad boy sometimes with his snarky ways!! Nobody can tell if he is joking or serious half the time cause he has that dead serious Cherokee & Japanese face... This story totally reminded me of that! I'm glad I wasn't there with hubs, cause I would have cracked up!!

haha ... poor woman was probably scratching her head wondering what exactly he meant for the rest of the day!

first time i saw k walking that short legged puffball of a dog i thought the same thing. i was smarter then her and kept my trap shut.

:D myaah.... I think he looks ADORABLE with Charlie!! Especially when Charlie is doing his little dancy-prancy-paws walk!! :D

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whoville and mt krumpet? oh cc. this is to much for me this early. naww, it's cool. if you see that dude again try and catch a name and his # for me. sounds like he might have real potential as long as he doesnt do kinky shyt with the oldster. :0] You got a way about you baby girl. pure gold and sweet as candy.

Oh jeez...The rest of the world sees something nice and you go and think they're a kinky couple.... I swear..... I worry about you sometimes tough girl....I do... :D It is NEVER too early for Dr, Seuss!! That man and his works are my HERO!! I wanna write just like him when I grow up!! Awwww thanks and hugs for thinking I'm sorta like a good metal that can cause tooth decay!! :D Tang just told me to say that cause he is reading over my shoulder!! :P He also said to tell ya he said "Hey" too :) ♥

It does give me goosebumps to see people being nice just because. I feel envious of the kindness and it makes me try to be a better person as well.

I think watching folks do good stuff makes us all a little bit better....If we pay attention and honestly appreciate it... Thanks for stopping by! :)

There is hope for this society after all. Thanks for sharing this. It is a beautiful story. Hopefully, this type of communal support for one another will grow and flourish.

Aww thanks. Yup...there sure is hope. While some folks are mean others are totally wonderful!! I LOVE spotting the wonderful ones too!! :)

Never judge a book by its cover. My sister is one of the persons some would call "freaks" but she is also one of the kindest humans I know. If u looked at the death tattooed across her back it might frighten those that don't know her. Thanks for the smile. I will point her to your story.

You're soo right fg..Sometimes the very BEST stories live behind some pretty outrageous covers and sometime NO covers at all!! :D

Thank you for sharing this Sie.........it's so refreshing to read some good things instead of all the bad going on in the world. And I agree so very much with not judging on looks. I adore folks who live outside the box and aren't afraid to show it.

K is so right.......you are a true gift that keeps on giving to the rest of us.

Aww hugs and MORE hugs jacee....Thanks...♥ Folks who aren't afraid to be individuals rock and make our world more interesting to look at and be in!!

How utterly delightful this is!
I was so lacking in the ability to enjoy--
or even be aware of--
moments such as this--
for nearly forty years--
You entered my life and brought with you--
the ability to teach me to look upon the world with fresh eyes.
For that--
I remain eternally grateful.

Numerous gifts are shared in both this experience and your retelling of it--
You enjoy the plentiful gits of seeking joy--
when you gaze upon others.
You in turn--share those gifts with your words--
in the retelling of what you saw.
You are indeed--a gift and an utter treasure to me.

Aww thanks rough guy!! I'm am TOTALLY grateful for you too! ♥ You were an AWESOME student in learning to see the lil things too!! I think anytime folks get together and share special times it is a gift to anyone who is involved......It's one of those totally priceless things we can all enjoy that doesn't cost a dime.....

you know that baby girl so well k. its what i like best about you.

Sie--Indeed--my love--Indeed. ;-)

myaah--Thank you kindly.

Very cool.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” ~ Aesop

aww thanks sciguy!! I love that quote!! ♥

This makes you think before you judge based on looks. Love it!

aww thanks jf....Yup. ya just never know who is under the clothes... I actually like folks who look different....I always think it's wayy cool, sort of like using your body like a canvas and wearing your art!! :)

he sounds like my cousin. his looks not walking with the older woman. this is so sweet, so you sirra to find something right there in front of you to feel so moved by. the grinch is one of my favorites! who but sierra would visit whoville on her way to the mail-it center? :-D

Aww thanks....You got a cool looking cuzz then!! I am forever people watching....I have seen the most beautiful expressions on folks faces when they are talking to someone they care for or watching the ocean or something else they love....It's a very cool hobby and totally keeps me from ever getting bored when I am waiting in a line!! :D

Ah, the little things in life :) The world is full of good, it just doesn't sell newspapers to speak of it. Thanks for sharing this glimpse of a kind soul.

Aww thank RR.....Wouldn't it be cool if just ONE publication or media group did nothing but being folks just the nice things instead of all the exploitation of the bad???? I know they'd probably be out of business in a week...but maybe not too...Maybe folks are about ready for a change of pace...*wishful thinking on my part* most likely...

I would tune in to such a show for sure. You know... before the screen went black and they yanked it off the air ;-P

:D Yup......You'd have to peek at it real fast before they replaced it with some lame reality show....ughhhhh......

It is probably his grandmother :)

(and he is after her money!!)

LOL :) Sorry, it IS a very sweet story and timely reminder of not judging folk on their looks .. something I did at work just the other night and was proved to be very wrong :(

Aww.. I'm sorry you had the problem at work....stuff happens sometimes.... tho..

I thought she was either his grandma or maybe even a neighbor. I have been real lucky and known some folks who dressed all unique and totally tough sometimes and were real dolls.... Clothes and looks choices are like art.....totally open to all sorts of reasons and interpretations. It's cool to get to know the person and find out who they are.

On the flip side...I've know a few folks is pricey designer stuff who were not nice peeps at all.....A name and price tag doesn't help what is wearing it...... :D

I agree with you about clothes but my mistake was something to do with the persons face and body and demeanor. I thought he had learning difficulties or some other problems than the one I was helping him with.

But he is actually very highly functioning with a very responsible job.

Ohh.....That can sometimes be hard to judge.... Certain conditions have certain symptoms and bodily signs and it is sometimes easy to misjudge. I hope you got it all worked out....

Well I dont think the person knew how I had judged him .. he was injured so occupied with that.

I was meanwhile getting a history from someone else as if he couldn't string a sentence togther :(

awww....Good thing he didn't realize.... Maybe he was glad you were asking the other person, if he was hurt that might have even been better for him..... I can see how bad you feel tho....Something like that could happen to anyone, so try not to be too hard on yourself.... hugs...

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It also shows how we shouldn't make automatic judgments on people because of the way they look. Obviously, this man may have looked a bit rough, but he has a caring and gentle spirit as well.

That's what made them so cool together! The total contrast and her obvious trust in a person who others might judge just cause of his looks!! I forgot to mention he had a row of piercings on his one jaw that looked like studs on a collar...... I thought he looked pretty hard core and cool myself. I like it when folks climb out of stylish trends and do their own thing!! They were totally beautiful in the truest sense of the word....♥

I think it would have made my day too.....so sweet.

I bet you would have loved them too.....Stuff like that is the closest we can get to seeing real perfection.....

Very cool, sie ..... kindness and happiness abounds ..... :o)

hmm, so Laffs is CWS? So did I just get let in on a little secret or is that a typo?

ummmmm .... who am I ???

Nope you just saw me screw up who I was typing too! I was thinking about something CWS said on another post while I was typing this and added his name I'll fix it so I don't start rumors.....They are definitely 2 different peeps!!

I figured so....was just teasing you.

Thanks Laff's!! Got your name right this time thanks to Affinity!! Life is all about grabbing those special times and enjoying the heck out of them!! ♥ Sorry about the name mix up too......I can be a total klutz with my typing sometimes too.... :O

What a relief !!!! .... I thought I was losing it ..... lol

I knew they were two different people..too different to be the same. It made me giggle. Hey, at least you don't post comments on the wrong stories due to multiple windows being open.......that's my big ditz thing.

Affinity...Ohhh I am totally careful to NEVER have more then one window up or folks would never be able to figure out who I was talking too or wtf I was talking about....I admire you for being able to juggle it at all.....

Geez Laff's.....I could get a job with the Witness Protection guys now.....I almost got you a whole new ID!!

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