The first thing you need to think about is if you start seeing her are you truly ready to be a dad to her kids. Nothing is worse than kids meeting and getting to know someone and then the relationship goes south and they never see you again.

Be honest. She already has kids she is constantly thinking about so don't lie or mislead her. She doesn't need the added stress you would cause by not being honest.

With single moms it's the little things that make the biggest difference. Doing a chore so she can finally go sit down. Watching the kids and telling her to go take a bath. Taking the kids out of the house so she can get things done in peace and quiet.

Also realize that planning is essential. Spontaneity is not something that works well unless a sitter is already set up or the kids can come.

Be responsible!!!! She doesn't need anyone else to take care of!!! You need to be her equal. You need to be a partner as well as a lover.

Single moms are loving, sensual women. They want to be taken care of a little too. They spend all day taking care of others. They want to know someone is there for them and loves them. Have patience. Sometimes it can take a bit before they can fully trust someone. They've been hurt and are guarded toward relationships. And this time it wouldn't be just her that would get hurt but her kids too.

As a single mom myself, these are things I would want anyone to know. I am a woman with needs and wants but I also have kids who come first. Patience and honesty are a must. I don't have time to deal with anyone else's bs. I want an equal, a partner, a match, and lover; NOT someone else I have to raise.
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Good advice. I never had kids, but I know it can get difficult. I met some moms, and they have great kids. But, right now, I would rather be a friend.