I Like Watching the Sunrise...

I like watching the sunrise and sunset. The smell of fresh cut grass. A day in the woods, just listening to nature. The smile on my kids faces and the sound of their laughter.When my wife says "I love you" and the little kiss that she gives me before she goes somewhere. Playing video games with my kids and listening to them laugh when they kick my ***.

zeus77 zeus77
26-30, M
6 Responses Aug 15, 2007

hey i see im not the only one who gets there lunch served then taken away on a video game by there kids lol aint it great to be able to have the time for them even if it does run a bit competive

We are out there, it is only hard to find us all in this huge world. Many are in NorCal where I used to live and miss so very much, But, make do with what you have and live for the moment. J

You sound like a down to earth person. There are so few left in this rat race world.

To touch the soft petal of a rose,the feel of the crisp pages of a book,smell of fresh cut grass,my son's smile and his giggles,nighttime stories,the three squeeze pressure of my husbands hand in mine,stopping to watch a butterflies flight. that is truly living. Peace, J

Thank you. I grew up enjoying stuff like that and it just got more defined when i had kids to pass it on to.

Bravo, some people go their whole lives not appreciating the simple pleasures right under their noses. your ahead of the game.