The Beach

I was recently up at a lake a few days ago and I swear the water was so beautiful and the sun washed the whole thing up in a hazy, golden glow. I could not move from where I was, it was incredibly mesmerizing, the whole experience.
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4 Responses Aug 16, 2007

Swanfether thank you so much! I truly was touched by this lake and i'm glad its been able to touch you as well! And your right, I get so much inspiration from the EP that I am truly grateful for it :)

that's for sure, isn't it?!

These are the things that make life wonderful. : )

So, I notice that this 'story' was written many months ago. It got my attention immediately when I saw it because A LAKE has been my greatest teacher, my deepest source of nourishment, and almost a 'live being' whom I feel closer to than anyone or anything I've ever known. <br />
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Your lovely description brought this LAKE that I have had the good fortune to know, back to me in all its glory. That is the power of our stories--they can bring something alive inside like a little gift from person to person. You have inspired me to write a LAKE STORY of my own! <br />
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I think it may be the first move I make toward my latest stated goal: to make a real entry on my blog!<br />
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thanks for sharing your wonderful mesmerizing moment . . .