Yep, I love to see others getting appreciated! When I see fan-groups pop up on EP, I sometimes wish that I knew the person also, so I could join the group and write how wonderful they are too! :-D

I think it's cool that everyone shows their appreciation and love with one another. As in my "friendships" in the past, appreciation and compliments were never shown, only put-downs and greediness. So, EP has taught me what true friendships look like and feel like. Because I honestly never knew what it was, before EP. And it's also afforded me two very close and true friends, Philip and Sharon! Whoo-hoo! XD

So... I hope that the mutual admiration on EP continues! It just makes this web-community so much warmer and friendlier! :-D

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4 Responses Mar 12, 2009

I RAWK? :xP!

It's good to share your mutual admiration.

I had days when, in real life, I was selfish, impatient, insensitive. As soon as I logged into EP, I became supportive, understanding and open to other people's needs -:)

With wonderful people like you here, Shadow, it can be very easy to show love and appreciation!