Blow a Little Sunshine..

up our arses..  I'm all for it.  We have enough conflict in real life. 

DrewBerry DrewBerry
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16 Responses Mar 22, 2009

K-Wall Dude and Mewold Darling (he has his own hurricane wind going on)<BR><BR>Welcome - The festival is just beginning. Take your load off and cop a squat in this pow wow hippie love fest.<BR><BR>JoJo and LLL are happy to blow you some of their sweet sunshine I'm sure.<BR><BR>~ smack smack ~ (them's love pecks my friends. nothing to get your panties in a wad over.)<BR><BR>;)

Sunshine is a great way to lighten someone's load. I would bend over, but I'm afraid I would fart.

I love you guys! Sun blowing up a$$es and all!

oohhhh... hahaha... that felt great!

~ gust gust ~ Oh, a hurricane wind for Eb and LLL<br />
<br />
kisses darlins. snuggly puff and all that good stuff.

bent over just for you miss berry!

Heehee! I like this! And yes, there is great support here.

Oh honey - Your arse diserves the sunniest of sunshine up hers.<BR><BR>~ puff puff ~ feeling good??

Hey LiveLaughLove - had any sunshine up yours today?<br />
<br />
~ whoosh. whoosh. ~ Up Yours!

hahaha wonderful!

Feels especially good going comando - just saying.<br />
<br />
Wiseowl - You get the first prise of the morning with that rendention.. I Love It!!<br />
<br />
la la la la

Sung to the tune, "Row,row row your boat"... Blow, blow, Blow your sun , gently up our bum.Singalee, jingalee, ringlalee, tingley, won't you give me some?!! Ok, that went pretty well....

I could use a whole lot right now! Thanks ladies. does feel good, doesn't it :)

~ blowing ~<br />
<br />
whosh... <br />
<br />

you can say that again. :)