Worth It

It is easy to say what is right, harder to practice what you preach.

I have a friend who is buddhist and believes that killing bugs is wrong and should not be done purposefully.

However, I also know that this is not her main priority in life or else I imagine she would have to be a 'bubble-girl' (live in a plastic bubble) in order to avoid the possibility of harming or killing another life. To take it one step further, if someone really cared that deeply about the sanctity of life then they would probably become depressed at all the suffering and death in the world, let alone the amount that they contribute to just by LIVING. They may even come to the point where they feel like their life itself causes more suffering and death in others than is worth living for. I guess it depends on whether they value the sanctity of their own life like they do the lives of others whether they cross that line or the line to insanity.

Now, that raises an interesting question. Is a state such as insanity really one worth living in. I know it is probably a subjective question which could never really be conclusively answered, but I also know that some people do not just indiscriminately value ALL life like my buddhist friend does. For example, in Israel there is the concept of a life not worth living. You may not know that Jews in Israel who are expecting go through an extensive procedure of tests and screenings in order to judge whether their potential child has any diseases or conditions that can be seen prenatally. If they are found then most times the parents will abort the fetus because they believe that that would be like setting their child up for a life not worth living.

So, I appreciate the sanctity of life...but it is also complicated. For example, I am not a vegetarian or vegan...I also do and buy things for my own well-being that on some level contribute to the inequality which costs lives elsewhere on the planet. Furthermore, I even contribute to the destruction of my own life anytime I choose to put convenience or comfort or fun or anything else over healthiness.

Oh..and plants...they are life too aren't they? Plants and animals are evolutionarily related. So...I think the definition of life is a human construct. For example...when does life begin? When does a mass of cells become a being? And aren't the cells themselves technically 'life' too? And those cells...what makes them so sacred? Aren't they just composed of little tiny vibrating atoms just like stars and crystals (which also can grow or stop growing)? So what makes a star or a crystal not alive, but plants and cells and humans alive? respiration? That is just mechanical...oxygen or CO2 is pumped or diffuses across a membrane to supply the molecules used in an electron transport chain which like a domino effect allow the electrons to interact with other molecules which form all the functions of a cell which we, for some reason or other, have classified under the word that those electrons told the molecules in our brains to tell the muscles in our mouths to call life.

It's all so confusing, and yet...for some reason I still believe in the value of life. Though, I can't say what I would do in a desperate situation where my philosophies and conjectures regarding that little word are irrelevant and all that really matters in that moment is do or die. And I can't say that that scenario doesn't play out everyday in various ways and that I consistently choose life over death...perhaps sometimes it is not worth it.
shannonymous shannonymous
18-21, F
Dec 11, 2012