Whenever I get upset or i am just having one of those days I try to refocus my thoughts onto other things to help alleviate the current situation. I will start looking for small simple things to distract me for example while driving I will watch for birds or blooming trees in the spring and see if I know what kind of bird or tree that grabbed my attention. If I am walking to go to the mailbox I look at the ground and might see a frail insect or butterfly and marvel in its slight beauty. I always look for the small simple things that in general society tends to over look.

So if I need a few minute break from the working reality I look for the small things that make it all better.... Its quite simple...

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CandyRainsPearls - I do have a tender heart and this is one of the many reasons why i became vegan! :D

Just lovely hearts beat same for simple beauty in nature. I have a new robin mom and her two babies LOL... :) lov ur thoughts n story! i can't kill any creature... awe tender heart u have..thanks to share..

bruxby - That is absolutely great that you can see when you need to refocus. It also helps to meditate and center your energies within yourself as this only takes a few minutes to complete :)

ya resetting my thoughts been necessary to address my anxiety. i just try to do my best and not overthink it. well some afterthought is ok, but the obsessive thoughts can get me in a downward spiral , so i just try to think ok what am i doing right now? and what do i have to do right away? usually the answer is something entirely different then the negative thoughts, which helps a lot!

It helps to refocus and ground at least once a day for me and as always starting out simple and small and working to bigger and brighter has its advantages :)

I agree, and I also find water very soothing and often take different types of sea salt bathes to help cleanse my energies n such. There are many simple things that take little to no effort but takes time to enjoy and I can only wish more people would take the time to do this :D

when im feeling bad, i would take a shower n just be silent n listen to the water drops over my skin. it relaxes me so much and clears my head. those are the simple things that takes no effort and works quite good :)

There would be less stress in this world if people were not so focused on the daily duties of life and took the time to enjoy it as much as work in it :)

I love simplicity and do the same thing