Defining Simple

Thinking about simple things - how do we define simple? Not complex? Not sophisticated? Not expensive?

For me a lot of what I call 'simple things' are moments of happiness. When my dogs greet me at the gate, smiling doggy smiles and wagging tails and stumps (I have a Rottie). When I open the window in the morning, and on the neighbour's roof are six birds of different species, fluttering about in some complex greeting ritual. When I drive to the beach, and the first smell of the sea comes through the car window.

But there are other moments of happiness that come from the same place: the first sip of a good glass of wine, the enjoyment of an expensive restaurant. Are these things not simple? What do you think?
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2 Responses Aug 3, 2010

Of course all definition are equally valid but there is a common theme in simplicity. It is not about the cost or attention it brings you or the accolades, it's about the sense of wellbeing it gives you.

Very Cool! It's the little victories that count!