I Walked On The Beach With My Children Yesterday

We picked up interesting driftwood, we threw sandballs into the water and collected shells to make garden hanging with. My son discovered an 'island'.. a small section of sand surrounded by shallow water as the tide came in.. and he and my daughter played pirates. They went swimming in their clothes - crazy children, it's Autumn here! - and laughed and ran and yelled.

Then it was home for warm baths and hot chocolate. Just a perfectly lovely afternoon. I'm so pleased to have children who like the simple things in life too. We've had 2 weeks of school holidays and all they've wanted to do is play with friends, go to the beach and go scootering.
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1 Response Apr 18, 2012

What a sweet story...childlike fascination and wonder will keep you "young". I love to "be a child" and enjoy when my child discovers something "new". That is what I call a "simple joy" in life. Thanks for your story!!! I have rated it up!