Appreciation Comes With Age

the older i get, the more i appreciate so many more little things than i ever use to. this is important. when a person's very young, they may appreciate the simple pleasures of "life", yet i think it's really more special or deeper when you are a bit older.


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4 Responses Feb 27, 2009

So many of the things that SnS mentioned are the simplest of pleasures.

I agree, it's the experience that makes you appreciate simple things more, thanks for the story

I love the simpe things in life.. always have. I appreciate a smile from a stranger, a kiss on my cheek... I love a windy day when the clouds are moving in. The rain on the rooftop. I love to cuddle with a big ol' bear... ( a big man) I love it when I see my childrens sports competitions.. the look on their faces when they walk in the room and see me. I love a good laugh, and I love talking. The way the sunset lights up the sky with pinks and purples sometimes... I love those.. <br />
I love the feel of a warm blanket when it is cold outside. Waking up to fresh smelling coffee. My daydreams that take me away for just second. When I get an unexpected text from an old friend. Helping stranger who seems in distress, and their warm smile because they know they were cared for... I love the way my jammies feel at night when I slip them on after its been a long day, and they just hug around me... The way a man smiles at me, knowing he is maybe, just maybe, thinking I am cute.. or he likes my smile..<br />
I love the feel of my childrens hugs... so innocent and real. Their beaming faces as they come home from school.. kissing their tears away after they have been hurt... knowing a kiss can heal their broken heart.. The stars shining so bright on a cloudless evening.... listening to my 5 year old right now ask about a milllion questions.. because he has to know eveything.. I love the first taste of a dinner I haven't had in so long... and the last nite that I thought I couldn't finish..<br />
I love the kiss from a man who is so into me, he would rather be with me at that moment than anyone else in the world....<br />
I love my eyes... my love towards others, my selflessness.. I love me...

simple is very good and im all in to it!