I am vacationing at the beach, a very familiar place. I come here often with my family. Our daily ritual is to brew a pot of coffee, pour into two clear glass mugs; mine is black, his with a little cream and sugar. We head out the door and make our walk to the beach - not far, a few houses away. I love the trail that leads us to the wooden dock with benches. We usually sit, stare, kiss, take it all in -- the ocean is so powerful. Today was different, we walked down the steps to the beach and placed our chairs very close to the water. Early morning hours is perfect for people watching on the beach. I saw the very diligent runner, an elderly couple holding hands, a man walking alone saying hello to everyone that walked by him. The morning is also the only time dogs are allowed on the beach. I was sipping my coffee when I heard the sweetest giggle from a little boy. He couldn't have been more than 3 years old, still in his pajamas and chasing his black lab that was running along the beach. To my left, the wagging tails of two golden retrievers fetching the ball their owner threw into the ocean by diving in, fearless, not a worry in the world. This pattern was captivating - throw, dive, fetch, return. Tails wagging -- pure happiness. I said to my other half - if watching this doesn't make you smile and feel good, I don't know what will. It was a delicious morning.
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It sounds so great!! I miss the beach! We use to live on a beach !! I miss it so

Calm and peacefull. What a wonderful way to start a new day!