In my life, appreciate the simple things i life start to be most important thing in my life because I don't really have the ability to do all of things because of my situation! So even a little thing brings me joy... And it's the best joy... Life is so better like this :) i think i'm happier than people that can have anything they want! Now, even little thing Is magic for me :)
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That is so smart of you !!! To understand that you need to be happy with what you have not what you don't!! To not look not at how others live but what makes you happy! So many wants what others have and all that gets is debit and trouble

A long day finished by sitting on a balcony watching the wind..

Lone leaf
The greatest thing you haver seen
The dark leaves of a tree so green
A thousand or more blowing in the wind
But watch that little one where will it end?
Blowing and floating around in the breeze
But the others guard it protect it with ease