I feel that everything is so uptight anynore.  I miss my younger  years when I could relax and people and things were fun.  Not that I dont want  any responsibilities but to have a diff surrounding.


I like to listen to the horses chew their food late at night in the stall and just rub their velvet ears.  I like to sit and read with a cat purring on my lap.  I like th first day the flowers out front bloom.  It cheers my day !!  I like the first snowfall and to be the one to make the firsy tracks in the yard.  I like walking the dogs in a sprinkling rain in the summer.  I like to walk through the new leaves that still have that beautiful color.  I get happy when I hear the birds chirping in the morning.  I like to give money to a poor person and see their face,  its exciting.  I like to surprise someone with something that they like and watch their face.  I like to cater to older people so that they know they are loved by someone.

cappuccino22 cappuccino22
Feb 28, 2009