I love when the most important decision of the day is deciding on which bathing suit to wear on the beach today.
missformidable missformidable
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1 Response Aug 19, 2014

After she models eight different pairs, that decision is normally left up to me! The beach life can be so stressful! :P

I'm sure you liked the catwalk! I only brought 4 pairs ;-)

I may have exaggerated just a tad but yes I did enjoy it... I just couldn't go out in public for a bit! :O

Let's be honest - it was the transition from bikini #1 to bikini #2, and so forth that REALLY kept you from going out into the public eye right away. ;-)

You are very perceptive! There's just something about the bikini popping free and falling away when that, oh so alluring, string is pulled!
They also don't make swimming trunks to hide anything very well... So it normally takes awhile to safely go out in public :D

It can be very seductive! I will think of this as I decide on which one to wear tomorrow ;-)

Annnnd... Now I can't go out in public for awhile! ;)

Have fun at the beach!

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