Everything is beautiful when it's related to mother nature. Let us take a restaurant place for instance. No matter how modern or classy its interior, it will never beat a place where its interior is all made of huge stones and filled with fire lamps and heavy wooden tables and black, cracked wooden floors.

This is why I sometimes step outside my home with shorts and bare foot and walk on the grass. It feels strange in the beginning, with all the tiny tips of grass tingling my feet, but then my feet nerves relax when touched by the cold ground. I close my eyes and take deep breathes of fresh air and listen to the beautiful sound of leaves dancing in the wind. It's nature. I love nature.

I experience that simple walk with myself and nature differently throughout the year. Sometimes it's cold, sometimes it warm. Other times it's dark, dawn, cloudy, or sunny; it's all beautiful. Love Mother Nature, and you will appreciate every simple thing it offers.
nighttrekker nighttrekker
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1 Response Aug 21, 2014

I've recently started going on hikes, I can't even begin to express how wonderful and free I feel when I'm out there.. just breathing fresh air and seeing all the beauty around me :)

Hiking is as tool for inspiration - your mind gets stimulated and you will come up with creative ideas and solve issues too. Enjoy!