Nature Is Wonderful

The sun shining through the autumn leaves- my dog running in the fields- a small tub of cerise  cyclamen on my patio - 2 doves drinking water in my garden - a smile from a stranger - going for a walk with a friend- my son making me proud.

All this in on day which started dull and grey.

liquidamber liquidamber
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2 Responses Nov 8, 2009

Sounds like a great place to be. My kind of joy.

I dig it. I get off to having simple one-sided conversations with random insects - got to give those little champions credit - intense being them, no? I love studying the veins in leaves - and I will be thoroughly entertained theredoing (hey, did I just make up a new word? Probably not...) Making a cake from there is simplicity at its best...flour and sugar everywhere....your arm tired from stiring and yet the anticipation of that perfectly baked evidence of heaven keeps you working with a smile....ah..... who needs diamonds or fancy cars when you have good conversations with lady bugs, can be awed by the patterns of a leaf, and will sit down to a scrumptious helping of home-made heaven?