What I Miss The Most

Forever ago, when obama wasnt nominated for a peace prize and won one anyways(almost screamed wtf in front of my parents) me and my ex had an amazing relationship. It may sound like teenage puppy love to most adults, but I'm content to sit on those feelings and be happy I had them. And now that its over, after ten months of happiness, I miss being able to see that awestruck look in her eyes when I give her a hug. I miss the comfort of her hand in mine, the soft caress of her lips, the tears of joy we shared with one another. Most of all, I miss being able to hold her as long as I desire and soak in the warmth of her contentment. It really opened my eyes as far as treating a relationship like the most precious fragile flower.
Antillar Antillar
18-21, M
Sep 24, 2010