I Touch Everyone

Well people I know everyone. I think we're all total pervs. The thing that seperates us is who will admit it or not :] i will, my friends can vouch, i have grouped, rubbed, and squeesed everyone of their butts. a few of them I constantly grab their boobs. and I always lift up their skirts :] They don't get mad or anything and they have all learned ot ear shorts under their skirts when they know i'll be around. My sister says that if I was a man I would have probably been aressted for sexual harrasmen X]

KatMarston KatMarston
18-21, F
3 Responses Dec 7, 2009

Oh okay....<br />
So u have an experience of touching hard ****:)

Both, but like I said, its people i know. Im not just going around touching random people. I did grab someone on accident thinking it was one of my friends though ^_^

U do this only with girls or else with boys also???