Why Not?

I believe that everyone of legal age and mind (and of the human species) should be allowed to get married.  Myself personally, I don't ever wish to get married, but for others out there I believe that the right to get married should be available.  Screw traditionality, if we stuck by tradition in our everyday lives in other aspects then we would be living like the Amish (no offense meant).  We need to evolve and adapt.  And besides, what does it matter to you (non-approvers)  if some other couple wants to spend the rest of their lives together?  It's not your life, so stay out of it.

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2 Responses Nov 4, 2008

Agreed! Here is what irks me about the whole sticking to the whole "traditional marriage" argument often pushed by people who use the Bible as a crutch for it. If you read in the Bible what was considered traditional marriage in what we consider the Middle East, polygamy was the norm. So if they want traditional marriage all of these men should have at least 6 wives. Half the time they are so against something such as same sex marriage without knowing why they feel that way in the first place. They are just repeating what their parents told them and fed to them as children.

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