It seems that to the people of Tennessee, they have become so intolerant toward Gays and Lesbians that they had to pass a state constitutional amendment, denying them the same right that heterosexuals have, the right to get married.

It seems that 81 percent of the state's voters were in favor of this amendment, declaring that the only legally recognized marriage is that between a man and a woman. Yet, while they claim to be preserving what they consider the "sanctity of marriage," they have instead have defiled it.

I am a Christian and I wish to marry a Christian. The Church that We attend is a "Welcoming and Affirming," (Gay Friendly) congregation. Our Pastor would, in fact, marry us. The rights to "freely exercise" the practices of My Church are guaranteed and protected under the First Amendment of the US Constitution. Yet, Tennessee seems to think that they can disregard it.

Marriage is a Holy act, sanctioned by God and no state has the right to stop it. It is wrong to grant a right to some, while denying it to others.
EmmaSylvester EmmaSylvester
26-30, F
Jun 18, 2014