Changing Views

First of all, I'm new on here so hi everyone!

I was brought up as a Catholic, not a strict Catholic but a Catholic nonetheless. As far as school and, obviously, the Church, were concerned faith was a prerequisite.

This was all well and good until my early teens, when my curiosity led me to read about evolution, space exploration and science in general.

Then came the dawning realisation that, as a collective, it is unbelievably arrogant for humankind to even decide that God is the label that they’ll stick on this alleged omnipotent power in the Universe.

To me, the main point of religion is mass control and it’s primarily done through the perspective of - it’s a man’s world. Who says God is a man? If there is this deity then why should it be male? Are we really in a position to determine its sex?

I think the Bible is basically a book of fables and should be used as a guide of how to act towards each other, rather than being the absolute truth. How do the existence such things as dinosaurs and stone-age man fit in? They don’t.

I’ve come to think that we are in the same position as a fly encountering an elephant. The fly is vaguely aware that there is some massive presence, a power beyond it’s comprehension but that’s as far as it goes.

Something is out there but what it is no-one living, or even maybe dead, will ever really know.
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1 Response Aug 9, 2010

search about islam. trust me on this one