And Here I Am...

Anyways, its good to be here again! :-)


Yeah so, here goes why I say this. I (along with my mate) came up with the theory of the millenium, you dont believe it huh? Then read on >>


The Make Out Theory!


I was talking to my best mate, he is off to college. We were talking about his montly expenses and what financial help he gets from his parents, which of course was less than his mammoth expenses and could not meet upto his royal tastes. So anyways he said that my parents give me that money because I am worth that much, to which my quick response was no dude they give it to you because they made out some 18 years back, they are paying for the fun they had that time, and here it came, the make out theory.

Well, my argument is that whatever we do, and whatever is happening around us is due to th plain simple fact that two super exited people made out. That is why you are here today and that is why the guy who did that to you is here today in which case 4 super exited people made out. So now then, anyone has to disagree?


I mean, aint I awesome? =)


And maybe give a little credit to my mate! :P

Floydian Floydian
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15 Responses Feb 25, 2009

Dude thats perfect then we can become god, lets write a letter or god would prefer mail? ;)

Well that one was surely bestowed upon u through some evil agencies ..... god would die of disgust if he comes to know of it ;D

Or the one i had with housefly? ehehehe

Fun in general terms ....

And what fun are we talking about son? :P

haha too...but im ok wid tht long as ....he provides me wid my share of;)

Haha *smacks* creep we are over them now, they are also a part of our theory, we are no part of theirs. Though I'm still jealous of god ;)

Glad 2 read this brother!! V've done smthng of aristotle's fame!! ah, feels gud 2 join the league of those gr8 philosophers... ;)

Hmmm, and would you say that? :P

Awwwww love you mizz!!! =)<br />
<br />
Hehe, I like the term oops baby, I will include it in my story! But if you were an oops baby, then it was the best oops I could have hoped for! =)

Ah I agree with flutterby ... awesome is as awesome does and Floyd is awesome!!! <br />
I agree on this theory - it makes complete sense. I am the oops baby (mom and dad had aplan - only 2 kids one boy, one girl which they had then me -- ooops!). <br />
My son is an oops baby - and he is the best thing in the world. <br />
<br />
U keep rockin your awesomeness Floyd -- I'm so glad u r back!!! =]

Just because you got that job, dont get too high, you still cant make gobi manchurian! :P

:D<br />
<br />
love ya!

Hehe glad u r here*

Aww and you are beauty personified! =)<br />
<br />
Thanks liz.